Web application specialists

Meld Computer Engineering

MeldCE is a computer engineering company specialising in responsive, high-speed web applications.

We strive to meld your design and functionality ideas into a cutting-edge web application that meets your and your customer's needs while not costing the earth.

Where possible, we use available libraries to keep implementation costs down and keep the delivery time short.


Please contact us to see if we can provide you with the solution you have been looking for.

Email: info@meldce.com


Engineered Web Applications

We offer custom engineered solutions when situations require specialised web applications. We provide applications that run as fast as possible and are tailored to suit all the needs of our customers.

Responsive Layout Design

If you have a layout already in mind, whether just on paper or as an image, we can transform it into a working web site for you ensuring that it works on computers, touch screens and smaller devices.

Wordpress Implementation and Plugin Design

Knowing that our customers needs vary greatly, we also offer Wordpress site implementation services.

Where needs arise, we can also provide a custom plugin to achieve any special requirements you may have.

Non-profit Organisations

We offer a heavily reduced cost service to some non-profit organisations so that they can get their attention they require to do their work in the community are in. Contact us to discuss with us if we can help you.


Because we use opensource libraries to minimise development time, we also contribute back to the opensource community any libraries we can and keep an active part in the community.